Did you know that most potting soil straight out of the bag is not good for all plants? Just like with clothes, there really is not "one size fits all" for plants! This is why Put a Plant On It offers a potting station for people to come in and pot up their plants! Why buy all the ingredients yourself when you can come reap the benefits of mixing up your own custom potting mix? Not only that, you can have knowledgeable Put a Plant On It staff guide you on creating the custom mix that is right for your plant. For an extra fee, Put a Plant On It will pot up your plant for you!

We also proudly carry Organic Mechanics Soil in the store. We have their premium blend potting soil, cactus & succulent soil, rice hulls, and several other products. We love this soil because they are an environmentally conscious soil company and make an excellent product!

Price depends on size of pot and includes either Organic Mechanics potting or cactus/succulent soil. Price ranges from $3 to $20. Amendments (we have 6 different ones in our soil bar) are little bit extra.



Houseplant Hospital

Are you looking for a plant doctor? Well you have come to the right place! Is there an issue you're concerned about going on with your plant that you are completely perplexed about? Bring it in and a Put a Plant On It Professional will diagnose what is going on. We will even treat it with insecticide, fertilizer, or fungicide if needed.

Pricing for a small plant is $20, larger plant is $30, and additional $5 if we treat it with insecticide or fungicide or fertilizer.



Monstera Makeover

Is your monstera (or any other plant) out of control and need some taming? Bring it in and let a Put a Plant On It Professional tame it! We will get that monstera not taking up as much space and well behaved in no time. 

Initial cost is $15. Additional costs for soil, stakes, velcro depending on plant size which will be assessed when you bring it in.



Houseplant Sitting

Do you travel lots for work and want to get plants but worry about when you go away? Do you struggle to find someone to take care of your plants while you are on vacation? Have no fear, Put a Plant On It is here! We will come in as often as you want to tend and take care of your plants while you enjoy a stress-free time away from home.

Cost for Houseplant Sitting is $30 per hour within 15 miles of City of Buffalo. If further away, $30 to cover mileage.



Houseplant Consult

Do you ever worry if your home is adequate for houseplants? Do you have a plant that is going downhill and you have no idea why? Do you have a ton of houseplant questions that need to be answered? Invite a Put a Plant On It professional over and they'll dazzle you for hours with extensive knowledge and help you troubleshoot your plants.

Cost is $20 for virtual consult, $30 for in-person without labor, $60 per hour with labor. 



Water Club

There's some plants that are...what can we say...picky about what kind of water they receive. This can make plant keeping difficult! Here at Put a Plant On It we want to take the DIFFICULT out of all plant care and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. This is why we offer a Water Club. When you buy one of our vessels, you receive FREE UNLIMITED reverse osmosis (RO) water forever when you bring your vessel in for a refill. Some plants that are sensitive about water are: carnivorous plants, prayer plants, cordylines, dracenas.


Do you want to junglefy your home or business but are overwhelmed with the choices? Do you want an expert to come in and help you chose and pick the plants that are right for your space? Well we offer interior decorating services, specifically interior decorating with plants. Invite a Put A Plant On It expert into your space and we will give you interior plantscaping tips and also do all the hard work for you in choosing the right plants for your space. We will personally shop from our broad selection of growers to make sure we pick the right plants to make your home or business look its best.

Plant it Forward

We care about the environment and we run a sustainable business! Every product in Put a Plant On It is chosen not only for it's beauty and uniqueness, but with carbon footprint in mind. This is why we are offering up this insulated reusable bag. Once you purchase our reusable bag, every time you bring it in to use we put aside a dollar in a jar and at the end of the month donate it to a charity. These bags are insulated because we live in Buffalo, NY and we want your plant babies to be safe from the chill that is with us for so many months.

Carbon footprint in mind