At Put a Plant On It we love to help you be successful in all aspects of plant keeping and offer a variety of plant classes! Classes are taught either by our Put a Plant On It staff or by on of our artists we have in the store. Classes are usually taught on Sundays either in our shop or in our beautiful backyard when the weather obliges!

We are happy to teach a class at your facility or space or host a private class at ours! Contact us for details.

Houseplants 101: Ultimate Guide to Houseplants

This class is a thorough class that covers all the aspects of houseplant keeping! We go over how to evaluate the light in your home (what IS bright indirect light anyway?!), cover the importance of choosing the right soil, demystify repotting, best practices for pest control management, and so much more!


One of the great things about plants is the ability to be able to not just create new plants, but to share them with friends and family. We will thoroughly go over all the aspects of propagation – what mediums to use, different methods of propagation, how to propagate, and more! We will cover multiple species and how to propagate all of them.

Demystifying Repotting & Soil Mixes

Just like not all sizes fit all, there is no blanket potting soil for all plants! While we carry a good variety of soil for all your needs, sometimes you have to go a step further and create custom mixes to help your plants thrive. We will go over different amendments, ratios, and types for all your houseplants. Everyone also brings one plant in that they want to repot for the class.


Many of the plants in our homes are epiphytes that naturally grow on the side of trees. Participants will get to mount a plant on a wood plaque and be able to display them in their homes. This is a super fun class and we try to get a variety of different plants to mount so participants have a choice!

Succulent Planter

A fun class in which we create a planter full of succulents in a locally made pot! Participants have a choice between two different artist pots to plant up. We will go over appropriate soil mixes, how dense to plant the pot, and more.


This is one of our most popular classes in which everyone creates their own enclosed terrarium. We will also talk about the care of your terrarium and how best to help it continue to thrive. We source our terrarium plants from a variety of growers across the country to help make your terrariums unique!

Paint Pot Sip

A super fun class in which we sip some wine and paint pots! Each participant will get two different fun pots to paint made by a local artisan.

Botanical Watercolor

Everyone is an artist! This class is taught by Kelly, one of our local artisans who creates the most beautiful water colors! Participants will learn techniques and create beautiful works of art to hang in their homes

Moss Plaque

Come make living art! Participants will make their own nature inspired art piece with preserved moss and woodland wonders. Requires no care or maintenance!