Meet the Team

Our Passion is Plants

Put A Plant On It is a botanically themed gift shop in the heart of the Elmwood Village of Buffalo NY. In addition to houseplants both rare and common, Put A Plant On It also provides houseplant consulting, houseplant sitting, and a self-serve potting station. All products in the store are made locally by Western New York artisans. Being conscientious of where our product comes from and supporting our local economy is at the forefront of our mission. Even our soil is made just over the border in Pennsylvania.

Johanna C. Dominguez

Johanna C. Dominguez is owner and head plant queen at Put a Plant On It. Her enthusiasm for plants grew from coming a long line of farmers that have farmed everything from pineapple, rice, bananas, chocolate, and cows. With her mother she traveled the world, living abroad until coming to the United States at 15. Growing up in 6 different countries gave Johanna a deep love of ecology, having lived in a variety of different environments. That nomadic lifestyle didn't lend well to keeping plants, but as soon as Johanna became firmly rooted in her home here in Buffalo, she quickly started accumulating plants. 

Johanna's favorite plants include rare aroids (alocasia, philodendron, anthurium) and she enjoys learning from their growth. She grows and propagates most of her own plants in several small greenhouses and hopes to bring some of these hard to find plants to the people of Buffalo. Her other favorite plants are hoya and her love of hoya runs deep. She has close to 100 different varieties of hoya which she also hopes to offer in the future. Johanna's knowledge runs as deep as a taproot and she thrives on sharing it with everyone who steps through the door with a smile and enthusiasm that can't be matched. 


Kayleigh is the newest member of our team. She brings a great deal of enthusiasm to each work day. You’ll see her antics all over our social media. Kayleigh is a big fan of monstera and philodendron. Like the rest of us her plant collection has grown extensively while working at the store.

Micheala Malesky

A curly haired bundle of energy who loves nature, animals and everything to do with plants! Michaela spends her down time caring for my 4 cats and her jungle that she likes to call her home. She received her associates degree in horticulture and deeply enjoy sharing her knowledge and passion of plants with others!   


Adrian is a recent high school graduate with a passion for plants, art, and hot fries! Adrian's favorite plants are trailing plants. He also loves Peperomias. His string of turtles is the best of both worlds since it's super unique and he really looks forward to it's trails being like 5ft long or even 10ft!