Interior Plant Design

At Put a Plant On It we provide superior and knowledgeable interior plant decorating for offices, restaurants, and private homes. There are many benefits to adding plants to your home or office. In workspaces plants bring positivity, increased serotonin, happiness, and productivity. We can create everything from living walls to tropical jungles.

One of our trained horticulturalists will come out and discuss appropriate plants for your space and needs. We will assess lighting, traffic, temperature, and your personal requests to make sure we pick out suitable plants. We want to make plant keeping easy for you. Because we are crazy plant people, we have extensive knowledge about all species of plants. If we don’t feel that a plant will work out in your space, we will not recommend it.

Do you want care-free plant maintenance? Ask us about our plant care program! We offer competitive plant care rates. A professional will come out as needed to care for your plants and make sure they remain happy, healthy, watered, and pest-free!