Artisan Moss Walls & Art

Are you looking for something to green up your home, office, or restaurant without the care and maintenance of plants? Are you looking to spice up your logo with something cool and different? Well, have we got the solution for you!

Bring the forest inside with one of our artisan moss pieces. Enjoy all the advantages of nature in your home or office without the fuss of grow lights, fertilizer, or water! That’s right, our moss creations are completely care-free.

We started creating these botanical pieces for our shop, but received several requests from businesses for larger custom pieces – even a life-size dog! We are happy to work with you or your designer to make a piece that fits your aesthetic sense. We can incorporate your logo, city, shape, name, literally anything. We love a challenge!

All items used in our creations are 100% preserved REAL (but not living) plants. We often source many of the elements like wood, mushrooms, stones, and other things right from our own backyards. We work directly with a local woodworker, Seven One Six Wood Design, to make our frames and backings.

There are also many benefits to having moss art in your home or place of business. The colors and textures of our beautiful pieces can give one the sense of forest bathing. You are, after all, bringing the forest inside. Moss wall art has also been shown to increase productivity, creativity, promote general wellbeing, and reduce stress.

Another added benefit is that moss walls have proven to reduce noise level and echoes in bustling restaurants, conference rooms, and homes by absorbing sound with their textured surface area. Plus they are much more attractive than the usual noise reduction panels.

All of our creations are intended to be indoors only. It is recommended to NOT put your moss pieces in any direct light as it will bleach out the color over time. Speaking of time, your moss art should last you a lifetime!

Moss Art


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