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Potting Station

Did you know that most potting soil straight out of the bag is not good for all plants? Just like with clothes, there really is not "one size fits all" for plants! This is why Put a Plant On It has decided to offer a potting station for people to come in and pot up their plants! Why buy all the ingredients yourself when you can come reap the benefits of mixing up your own custom potting mix? Not only that, you can have knowledgeable Put a Plant On It staff guide you on creating the custom mix that is right for your plant. For an extra fee, Put a Plant On It will pot up your plant for you!


We Decorate

Do you ever worry if your home is adequate for houseplants? Do you have a plant that is going downhill and you have no idea why? Do you have a ton of houseplant questions that need to be answered? Invite Johanna over and she'll dazzle you for hours with extensive knowledge and help you troubleshoot your plants.


Houseplant 101

Put a Plant On It offers a variety of fun, educational classes to turn your thumb green! All classes at Put a Plant On It provide you all the tools you need to help your plants thrive. Clases include: Houseplant 101: The Ultimate Guide to Houseplants, Soil Mixing, Propagating, Moss Pole Making, Mounting Plants, Macrame, Herbalism, and a variety of classes on different kinds of plants such as: carnivorous, alocasia, philodendron, and more! Almost all classes are taught by Put a Plant On It employees and industry professionals.


Where are you located

715 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo NY 14222


Tuesday - Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday & Monday 10am - 5pm

Are you pet friendly?

Yes we allow leashed and friendly pets of all kinds in the store. 

Where do I park?

Street parking on Elmwood Ave is $1 per hour. Side streets are free. Please pay attention to alternate side of the street parking.

How does the potting station work?

You are welcome to pot your own plants and use our potting station or we are happy to repot your plants for you. We charge by pot size and it includes soil – whether it is potting soil or cactus and succulent soil. Amendments are a little bit extra and by cups.

We are proudly a

New York State licensed & certified grower and nursery

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